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Hello Fans! I'm Psychobunny!
This is my tribute to !!!

I've had some E-Mails from some people telling me that my page is "Too Big" and "It Takes Too Long For Pages To Load" etc. etc. Well... It's not like "Other Pages" It's done like a "Scrapbook" each page you turn, to a new page... Nothing is "Thumbnailed"

Yes... I agree that it takes a long time to see everything (and Tripod goes down
When the "Band-Width" is exceeded
The page has been getting over 1,200 hits per month!
Thanks To Cool People Like You!
I hope you can see it all
It does take some time!

But if you love , it should be worth the wait!
Well, that's my opinion!

Well... If you think you're enter


This Page Contains Over 3,000 Photos!
Most Of Them From The 70's & 80's
All From The "Make-Up Era"
Including The "Reunion" Pics!
And Even Some Recent Photos
Many Of Them RARE You Will Only See Here!
Thanks In Part To My Good Friends
And Fellow KISS-Aholics Dr. Dave DeMint! & Patrick Reading
There Are Many More To Come...
I Will Forever Be Adding Pics
To The Page, So Keep Checking Back!
Some Pages I Can't Update (This Is Built On 4 Different Pages)
Due To Tripod Not Allowing Me To Access One Of The Pages
So, Just For The Record, This Is Updated Here August 2012
Celebrating 14 Years On Line As Of Now!

If you wanna E-mail me... It's:
Thanx A Bunch Psychobunny

Still Rockin After All These Years!

Psychobunny's KISS Tribute