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The Beginning Of

In 1972
Out Of The Ashes Of "Wicked Lester"
Paul Stanley / Guitar & Vocals
(Born Stanley Eison Jan. 20 1952)
And Gene Simmons / Bass & Vocals
(Born Chaim Witz Aug. 25 1949
Later Changed His Name To Eugene Klein)
They Added Peter Criss / Drums & Vocals
(Born Peter Crisscoula Dec. 27 1947)
And Ace Frehley / Guitar & Vocals
(Born Paul Frehley Apr. 22 1951)
Managed By Bill Aucoin And Signed To
Neil Bogart's New Label
Casablanca Records.
They Recorded Their First 3 Albums
"KISS", "Hotter Than Hell" & "Dressed To Kill"
In Less Than 2 Years
It Was The 4th Album "Alive" That Put Them
On The Charts, With The Rock Anthem
Rock N' Roll All Nite!
The Next 3 Albums,
"Destroyer", "Rock N' Roll Over", & "Love Gun"
Made Them A Household Name!
Always Fueled By The "Best Rock Show" On Earth
The Rest Of The Story You Should Know
If You're A Fan!!!

Now Comes The Individual
Pages...We Start With
Guitar Great

Enjoy The Ride!!!